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Indeed, blinders were made by both sides, but the point stands as it was about how to get out of a crisis like that needs a capable hand.

We are still lucky that such a crisis has not come while we have this current administration, but we are close to that IMHO.
We have a president who doesn’t believe in facts, dismisses his intelligence advisers, places his faith in dictators and gets his news from blow-dried bootlickers on Fox & Friends. What happens when a true crisis erupts? If Kim resumes testing of long-range missiles? If Russia makes a move on the Baltics, which are now members of NATO? If climate change spawns deadlier, more frequent storms, fires and drought, and more global migration?

And what happens if you appear to make decisions not in terms of what’s best for the country but what’s best for you? This is what sets Trump apart from his predecessors. We’ve certainly questioned past presidents and their handling of crises — notably and most recently George W. Bush’s overreliance on what turned out to be faulty intelligence leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. But we’ve never seriously wondered whether Bush, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,.Franklin Roosevelt or any other presidents cared about themselves more than the country, or were somehow selling out or beholden to a foreign power. It is extraordinary, and disturbing, that such questions continue to be asked of our current president.
As for the matter at hand, The National Enquirer is still pointed out as one group that stopped and prevented accusers to come forward.