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Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
You forgot a few things:

Before the play 2.5 - a representative from the Hall of Fame Bowl tells the Stanford coach that they're pretty much got an invitation to the game

After the play 0.5 - the same representative pretty much shrugs his shoulders at the Stanford coach. The bowl spot went to Air Force. Stanford never went to a bowl game in John Elway's four years. Then again, neither did Cal.

After, 14 - whenever Stanford wins The Axe back from Cal, pretty much the first thing it does is to change the score of that game that is on the plaque The Axe is on to "Stanford 20, Cal 19." When Cal wins it back, it is changed back to Cal 25, Stanford 20.
Yes, how could I not mention that Stanford changes that score whenever they get the Axe? Thanks for mentioning that.

I did mention that Elway was denied a bowl, but thanks for the extra info. It just adds more description to the chaos.