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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
There is no problem. Not sure why everyone thinks I have a problem.

Just seemed strange to me that someone would post "Hey, I smoked weed and my pain went away!"

Seems like a no brainer, that's all Smoke away.

In fact, this whole thread is kind of strange. "Hey, who gets high so they don't feel pain?"

It's as strange to me as someone starting a thread "Who is using 100-proof vodka for pain management?"
It's not quite that simple. Depending on the strain of cannabis, I've smoked weed that amplified pain and made me worry that something truly serious was going on. Shoulder pain quickly became undiagnosed shoulder cancer, that kinda thing.

Similarly, if 100 proof vodka is being used for pain management, one concern would be if the pain were due to a gastric ulcer and the treatment aggravated the pain. Or if the patient over-consumed the vodka and is now in a coma from alcohol toxicity.

Now, pass to your left.

ETA: Strain recommendations for pain management.

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