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Lots to say, so I hope bulleted points will keep me concise.

Friend with chronic, debilitating pain from complications of childhood polio switched from opioids to cannabis. The relief was total, and five years later, he's still using it--no opioids or NSAIDS. (Not sure if he smokes it or what.)

I tried pure CBD capsules. No noticeable effect. Guy I knew who owned a large grow operation said a little THC (not enough to get high) helps activate the CBD.* Eureka! However, it tanked my BP. No THC for nellie.

Topical CBD does zero to help my lupus pain. That's probably because the salve I used doesn't contain a high enough concentration of CBD. The stuff that does is, again, out of my price range.

Retired MD friend with lupus said CBD works only when taken in sufficient quantities and in higher concentrations. Friend with fibromyalgia says the same. Problem: it's VERY pricy. We're talkin' $400/month. I don't have that kind of cash. Also, fibro friend said the effectiveness started to diminish. I think she's going to go off it for a bit and then try again.

*It's legal here.