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My cats catch rabbits - and for reasons that seem to defy explanation, they start with the head. Then they work their way down. Usually, but not always leaving the gut. Sometimes they even eat the green wobbly bit. But they seem to dislike the ears and feet. At least sometimes all I will find is a pair of ears and a foot. This morning I was presented with a headless rabbit on the dining room carpet.

What I find astounding is that a cat will sit down and methodically grind up a rabbit skull, and keep going all the way down. One would imagine that more efficient order would be to go for the soft bits first.

It is probably this ability to eat the entire animal, bones, fur and all, but draw the line at the gut that accounts for such neat packages. Of course there may be a truly disgusting hairball thing to be deposited on the kitchen floor sometime in the future that accounts for some of the remains.