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Originally Posted by chiroptera View Post
Or the bile duct, which can be incredibly nasty-tasting even to a dedicated predator. Same with the bladder.
I had a hunter-cat years ago who would do exactly this - eat almost the entire north end of his prey, but leave parts of the south end intact. On my kitchen floor, quite often, so I'd step on the entrails on the way to the coffee pot.
Banzai was trained to eat his kill in the bath tub [I got tired of that wet squelchcrunch of stepping on a gift mouse and would grab him and his kill and drop them into the tub and slide the door closed until he was finished eating so he learned to just take them in there without gifting me =) ] He usually left the skull, feet and tail, and whatever organ is greenish purple swirlies and about the size of a kidney bean from mice.