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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
You wouldn't think that I maybe wanted to date someone that I could have sex with? It's automatically some sort of transgender bias?
Physically you could have sex with a transwoman. Post surgery you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless she's one of the unfortunates who can't pass at all, but then, if that was the case you'd know right from the start and probably cancel the date before it happened.

You choose not to have sex with transwomen. That is entirely your right. But don't pretend it's because they are somehow physically incompatible. After bottom surgery transwomen have vaginas. After top surgery they have breasts. A lot of them exert a lot of effort to look as feminine as possible. You don't like the fact that in the past those women used to have a penis and presented as men. I base that on your continued focus on "anatomy". You find it a turn off. I get it. No one is saying that you are wrong to have that preference.

If you had actually read this thread, you would know that. I would put in my profile that I am looking for a gender-typical woman. I would expect that any transgender woman would not reply to my profile, thus I wouldn't insist on anything.
I wouldn't reply to your profile either, because when I read that you want "gender typical women" you want someone conforming to female stereotypes, a girly-girl, which I most assuredly am not even if I am heterosexual and cisgender. Which probably isn't a problem as I'm pretty sure neither of wants to date the other for reasons other than anatomy, sexual orientation, and trans/cis status. We disagree on a lot of stuff on a regular basis.

By saying "gender typical", though, you're excluding people other than transwomen. Maybe you don't realize that. Maybe you don't care. That's why some of us are saying that your wording might not be ideal for the effect you want.

If you can produce one statement of mine, in context, that shows I have a bias against transgender people, I will apologize. If not, I suggest you retract your statement.
Well, the fact you say absolutely never to an intimate relationship with one does reveal a bias. As I have said repeatedly, you have every right to be picky about who you have sex with. Maybe you're open to being friends with a transwoman but all you keep coming back to in this thread is sex, sex, and the possibility of sex. I don't know - are you comfortable having transgender friends/co-workers/neighbors?