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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
20th wedding anniversary ???

Look around for a local potter ... you didn't mention money ... and I agree, she'd be worth every cent you'd pay to have custom plates made. Get that VISA card out, she deserves a complete set of new dishes, custom thrown, designed to her satisfaction.

The both of you deserve something really special ...

I'm certainly not a shrink, but in my completely uninformed opinion, I'd guess your wife is "on the spectrum". Is she picky about the fabric her clothes are made of, have trouble with words that have two definitions, poor eyesight/hearing? Does she have a relative narrow band of interests? The bad news is that she'll not be able to get SSI, but the good news is that she's probably very intelligent, you're lucky to have her in your life ... so get the custom dishes for her alright !!!
Thank you for the idea. I did look for a local crafter but was unable to find a very good one. I think some of the ideas herein are great.

No, I do not think she is on the spectrum. Well maybe she is, but she does not worry about any of the other things you mentioned. I have life insurance out the wazoo so I know she will always be cared for, so I am not concerned about SSI.

But, in the end, it does not matter to me if she is on some spectrum. It has been the greatest 20 years of my life, she is my best friend and greatest ally.

You all were incredibly helpful. I am a little ashamed I could not find these while searching on the internet, but I kept finding crappy stuff. I probably should have just looked more before I asked you all.

Thank you very much for taking the extra time to search online better than I.