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Originally Posted by Johnny2Bad View Post
It's OK. As strange as it sounds, very few people actually have decent search skills. Everybody knows that Google is right there, and because they use it, they think they have search skills. But they don't.

On those occasions where I'm helping someone and looking over their shoulder as they search for one thing or another, I'm almost always amazed, and not in a good way, at the search terms they use. Apparently it is an art after all.
I dunno if I was looking for such a thing if I'd have tried "portion plate." It seems like an odd turn of phrase to me.

Ages ago I'd bought (at Williams Sonoma I think) a stainless steel mesh cylinder for cooking pasta in. It was sized to fit in a stock pot and had a bail on the top so you could lift it out when the pasta was done, a lot easier than dumping a hot, heavy pot through a colander. It was crushed during a move recently and I'd been looking for a replacement. "Pasta strainer" yielding nothing like what I was looking for. Then I tried "pasta basket." Bingo.