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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Crane can speak for himself, but to me the idea of personal responsibility includes authority over yourself. You make your own decisions to the extent possible, and are allowed to suffer or enjoy the consequences to the extent possible.

Whether or not other people think I am personally responsible shouldn't matter - I am responsible. And I am, or should be, prepared to take the consequences without excuse. But if I make a decision and someone else makes a different decision, and it turns out well for me and badly for them, that's not my fault any more than it's theirs if it's vice versa.

Obviously these are general principles rather than 100% in every situation. But above you mentioned student loan debt, and child support.

If I decide to take on student loan debt, and so does Joe X, and I wind up employed in my career field and Joe graduates with a degree in Communication and winds up in retail, we are both responsible for our outcomes. His choice of majors does not obligate me, nor does mine obligate him. Or I decide to have a child, and so does Joe. I get married first and stay married and support my child. He doesn't get married, or he gets divorced, and has to pay child support.

We are both still responsible for our child. Nothing about our differing circumstances absolves us - both on the hook, and the fact that it might be more difficult and painful for him to pay than for me to pay changes nothing.

Now, we both lose our jobs. Guess what - nothing has changed for either of us.

Sometimes no excuse is good enough.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But "I will do what I want and if I fail someone else should pay for it" is not "personal responsibility". That's more like the "privatize profits and socialize risk" that liberals seem to object to with banks.

Sorry, I had meant to address that post to Scylla. I agree with most everything you have written, but I would put more emphasis on the 'doesn't apply 100%' because life is complicated.