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Hi, me again! I desperately want to tell my coworkers something, but I can't without repercussions, so I'll pretend you guys are my coworkers and type it here.

Yeah, I don't know any more than you do about this new customer feedback form. It wasn't my baby. The directors designed it, apparently without any input from anybody else. Especially not from the people who I had always assumed would be part of designing customer feedback forms, like say, marketing. Sure, it's full of typographical errors and bad grammar and half the questions don't make any sense. And yes, it's actually two forms addressing two different types of audience smashed into one feedback form. I tell you, I didn't do it, so sending me your kind suggestions for improvements isn't going to help. Also, complaining to me about the above isn't going to help because I was just as blindsided by the thing as you were - or worse actually because I was asked on 3pm Friday to publish the form so that the customers could send their feedback by COB Monday. Yeah, as if, right? And I'm sorry but when the customers do send the completed form back to us, I have no clue who should get that feedback. I don't even know what they're trying to accomplish with this new form. There has been zero communication about it. Nada. Zip. Stop talking to me and take your questions, your helpful corrections, and your obvious befuddlement to the directors. I'll be right there with you, standing a little behind you and to the left, slightly hidden behind the lamppost so I can hopefully avoid any of the shit flying out of the fan. But yes, this whole thing is a fiasco but I had nothing to do with it. Thank you.