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I recently got my C-class driver license. (Here is a list of European classes). That means I can drive any rigid truck, but no articulated ones. I spent about 1500 euros. The lessons were about 800 euros, the rest of it was for various taxes, doctor fees etc.

It is 10 hours theory and 10 hours driving lessons. You have to first pass the theory test to continue to driving lessons. So if you do two hours of theory per day and then two hours driving lessons per day you will be finished in 2 weeks. But a more realistic number is 3 to 4 weeks because you might not be able to take lessons for five consecutive days and then you'll have to find an empty slot for the tests.

EDIT: I should note that 10 theory +10 driving hours is the minimum mandated by the law. If you are still not comfortable driving a truck, you can take as many extra hours you like but not less than that.

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