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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Yes, it was very insightful. Except I thought the boy was supposed to be eaten by the wolf so maybe he should have copy and pasted the entirety of his post from a more hard core stories website.
But once he's eaten by the wolf, there's no opportunity for the Wise Old Man to tell him where he went wrong, thus imparting the moral of the story.

Unless the writer decides to have the Wise Old Man stand sadly over the wolf's scat, some days later, and import the moral to the pile of what used to be the boy.

Anyway: just a note in passing: Fox News hosts are all het up about how McCabe was a LIAR and thus needed to lose his pension. But they don't seem to be too upset that Michael Flynn, who actually pleaded guilty to lying, is happily collecting his own pension.

By admitting on Friday that he lied to the FBI while he was President Donald Trumpís national security adviser, Michael Flynn has further tarnished the reputation he built in the military, already marred by his behavior on the campaign trail, and made it almost impossible for him to hold high office again.

But he hasnít lost his lieutenant general rank or the annual pension of likely more than $100,000 that he has been receiving since he retired in 2014 after 33 years in the military.

The plea deal Flynn reached with special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the investigation into potential collusion between Russia and Trump does not mention either issue.
Thatís because there is no obligation for Flynn to surrender those service-related privileges despite his new status as an admitted criminal, experts say.

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