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Re: Does ball lightning really exist? = Yes!

This topic confused me greatly.
I was glad to see the question and was expecting a swift "Does Australia really exist? We have about as many witnesses, but one can never be completely sure until we see it ourselves." but instead even Cecil was uncertain. I am from Sweden and ball lightning are not uncommon enough to be doubted in my part of the world. My father watched one bounce around in the kitchen back in the 80s, my mother saw one leap from a phone a few years from then (melting the phone) and my sister and I saw one back in 2002, ours just being a bright orb shaped ~1 foot wide flash of light in mid air in the stair case when we were running around turning off TVs e.t.c. with a huge storm over our city. The thing that has puzzled people over the centuries seems mostly be about how the plasma balls manage to get created inside buildings without being connected to the outside, and what they consist of when they are the kind that bounce around in swamps, hitting trees, ground e.t.c. making strange sounds for several seconds. For me any doubt surrounding ball lightning is as amazing and surprising as if someone would question the existence of rainbows. Sure, you don't see them every month, but they definitely exist.