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Thi sis a bit of nonsense; the criteria for the validity of a phenomena isn't that "the 'right' people" observe it, but that there is objective external evidence. All eyewitnesses, including trained observers, are at best suspect at making reliable and quantifiable observation of events. And while we tend to prefer explanations which fall within the conventional understanding of science and view explanations which require changing the existing paradigm (hence the mantra that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,") but after some natural resistance science welcomes novel explanations because they can open up entirely new fields of research and application, e.g. quantum mechanics, plate tectonics, endosymbiotic theory.

Scientists are dismissive of reports of purported UFOs not because the lack imagination or "blithely assume that such a thing is impossible," but because these observations are inevitably inconsistent with any physical or objective evidence despite decades of reported observations and abductions. Reports of interactions with or abductions by supposed aliens show a distinct trends that can be readily attributed to cultural influences e.g. the reporting of "Greys" after the publication of Whitley Streiber's Communion and Jimmy Guieu's docu-dramas and promotion of the description of Grey-type aliens. If aliens were actually coming to Earth in such a way as to be visible to random observers in such a flagrant fashion and leaving the evidence from crashes or implants, we'd expect to have a large body of documented public evidence. But we don't; even a cursory examination into the "evidence" offers nothing of substance.

Many reputable scientists do, in fact, believe that aliens (or at least extraterrestrial life) exist, and would welcome contact and communication with them; hence why we have a SETI program, and while exobiology has gone from being a fringe discipline to a field of study driving many of the mission goals of our interplanetary space exploration program. But there is no credible evidence that personal observations of UFOs actually represent aliens come to visit us, nor that the supposed evidence for previous alien visits in the artifacts of ancient cultures are anything more that weaving together misinterpretations of ancient legends and artifacts.