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Originally Posted by elucidator View Post
To be ruthlessly fair, I don't recall Starkers ever saying anything quite so brain-dead.
To jog your memory...

Originally Posted by Starving Artist
Then there were the numerous questions of propriety concerning Hillary's law practice and stock profits; Whitewater; Hillary's secret health care machinations; disappearing files; and of course, Vince Foster's odd death.
And most recently (that I know of):

The history books are full of Clintonian skullduggery that couldn't be proven but which anybody with half a brain knows happened. Whitewater, dissapearing documents in the aftermath of Vince Foster's death which suddenly appeared in the White House living quarters, Clinton's behavior toward various women he regarded as bimbos (and which would have people screaming for prison time had he been a Republican), etc., etc. If it weren't for the blue dress, he'd be wagging his finger and denying Lewinski to this day.
That last one was a fun thread. So, ok, he's very careful about actually coming out and saying it (Hillary killed Vince, or more accurately, Hillary had Vince killed), but if you read between the lines, well...

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