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Originally Posted by elucidator View Post
Sorry, Starkers, but the quotes suppled are damning. Well, darning. Clearly, you are trying to make innuendo and suggestion accomplish what fact will not. While it is true that a merciless interrogation of the wording will not support a charge that you made a direct accusation that Hillary did Foster, you tired to suggest and infer such a scurrilous thing. An inference that you know as wll as I is a staple of rightard nuttery.

I am embarassed for us both. Go lay down by your water dish. Bad Starkers! Bad!
"Aides to Hillary Clinton were investigated for the removal of unidentified files from Foster's office before the Secret Service or FBI could secure the premises"


"As it happened, how the White House and Hillary Clinton in particular handled Foster's files and documents immediately after his death became an issue of much investigation itself."

Both of the above are from Wiki on Vince Foster, and they say essentially the same thing I said (though admittedly with less animus ). Even Equipoise has conceded that upon closer examination my words do not imply Hillary's complicity in Foster's death.

Hillary Clinton is a sneaky, slippery, underhanded, dishonest person...just like her husband. The fact that the files disappeared only to be mysteriously located afterward in the White House living quarters is what I was referring to.