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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
And Damuri Ajashi seems to concur that this negative perception exists:
Nope, I was just quoting the inconsistency in YOUR position

Which sits a little oddly with Damuri Ajashi's simultaneous insistence that it's so overwhelmingly normal and natural and nearly-universal for straight cisgender men to want to avoid any kind of dating activity whatsoever involving a transgender woman.
If you consider 80%+ "near universal" then sure. 80%+ of all MEN AND WOMEN don't want to date transgender.

I would think that if strongly wanting to avoid any risk at all of going on even a first date with a woman who happens to be transgender is really such a typical attitude for such a vast majority of straight men, they wouldn't be at all embarrassed or hesitant to admit it right up front.
They're not. Its just not something you think about until the situation presents itself because its so fucking rare.

If your question is (A), then I think Broomstick said it best:

Being so anxious to avoid any possible dating activity whatsoever with transgender women that you require them to pre-emptively announce their transgender status even without being asked about it does suggest the possibility of transphobia. As Miller put it,
Transphobia or not, 80%+ do not want to date transgender. Knowing this, not disclosing your transgender status before getting romantically involved is deceptive. Its not the end of the world but its dishonest.