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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
Just hit Z60. Yay me. But, portaling seems the only choice now. I'm stuck on the final cell of the first map. I was hoping to at least unlock my first Warpstation but now I'm not sure it's possible. I think I'll let the game sit until I can buy one more Coordination and see if that helps but if not, it's time to portal and get on the three new challenges I have.

Reducing Trimp breeding speed was so mean.
I just portaled. My first push to 60 was kind of a waste. I'd been figuring I'd portal at 65, and do my void maps at 60, right after getting a gymystic. Well, I forgot to do the void maps, and hit 61, so I thought I'd do them at 65. Pushing on to 65 was an incredible slog. When I finally got there, I didn't see a book symbol mid-map, which is where you usually get your gymystic. So I consulted the wiki and learned that you stop getting a gymystic every 5 levels at 55. My void maps had 400-450% difficulty, so, figuring it was going to take DAYS of farming metal and wood to buy many more gyms and equipment upgrade before I could even consider attempting them, I gave up and portaled.