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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
I'd been away for a little while on travel, and hadn't caught up on things. I saw one thing that disturbs me about him. Relating to this exchange and his related mini-meltdown, I want to completely disassociate myself with anything he holds, considers, thinks, or otherwise espouses.

That's pretty bold statement from someone in neither industry.

At no point in your whataboutism was I arguing with a position of "national nanotechnology initiatives." I was demonstrating your words in one link after a ten second search. I could care less about "nanotechnology inititatives," or any of your half-witted ideas, or self-aggrandizing bloat-posts. I noted your "ragheads" reference. Your racism really classes this discussion up. I don't know you, other than the words on the screen. Your words, and some of your opinions, are filthy, vulgar, and stupid. Your words reflect you. I don't think a filthy, vulgar, stupid person is worthy of attention, let alone hiring.

However, I will not have you put your racist words into my mouth. If you were intending to imply that I have ever held an opinion of that sort, then make your apology and move on.

Your homework: make an apology to this thread.
By ragheads I was referring to members of the insurgency in Iraq/Afghanistan and ISIS. Glad to see you are standing up for the worst of the worst. This is generally what military members, which you are allegedly a former member of, mean. They don't generally mean muslims.

As for rifraff, anyone un-credible falls there.

I apologize for implying you would take a side against enemies of the United States and random homeless bums when seeking advice.

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