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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
I believe Little Fatty Junior (as many Chinese people (not the Chinese government) call him) hit those holes in one as much as I believe Warmbier stole that banner.
Same here.

It's a bit chilling to see the big lie in action. People in this thread (well, those who aren't deluded) know...they KNOW...that North Korea lies. Constantly. They have been a regime that has been literally built around lies, have lied for decades to the world and to their own people. Yet this time they must be telling the truth because...preconceptions! Annoying man child westerner! Must just be a coincidence in the timing here! I mean, he confessed before the trial, right? And everyone knows that you can never get a confession out of an innocent man! Got to be true. Just this time though. Their constant stream of lies for decades pretty much proves that this time (and those other times they caught westerners and insurgents red, would it be blue handed?) they are telling the truth.