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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
Regarding the notion that these detainees never really see the inside of a labor camp, Kenneth Bae says otherwise.
I actually already covered that specifically early in the thread:

I believe Bae is also the only American citizen to actually be sent to a labor camp, albeit he was sent to a special prison where he worked on a farm in conditions significantly nicer than the "typical" North Korean prison camps that most of the horror stories come from. So he was sent to more of a specialized facility designed for more light punishments (I'm not sure who the North Koreans normally send there, maybe persons who are connected well enough that it's decided they shouldn't be sent to the "bad" camps, or perhaps the facility was built solely for Bae, who knows.)
Based on the reported treatment of the other 11 people detained in NK since 1996 Bae was the only one who was really put to hard labor--and he was not put in a normal labor camp where he had any interaction with North Korean prisoners. He was basically in a facility solely for himself.