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Americans HATE organ meats. I'm amazed that the liver-and-onions eaters are only a generation behind us.

I love pulykamell's rumaki, though I haven't made it in years. The Ukulele Lady and I enjoy chicken livers several times a year, but the bacon would turn her off these days.

There used to be Argentinean steak houses all over NYC, where there would be a Mixed Grill of two kinds of steak, two kinds of sausage, plus kidneys and sweetbreads. That was how I learned to love sweetbreads...they can be unpleasantly mushy if braised, but they're GREAT grilled. Especially with chimichurri on the side.

Jane & Michael Stern's excellent SQUARE MEALS has a great tuna-noodle casserole recipe in the "Cuisine of Suburbia" section, called, I think, "He Man's Tuna Casserole." I've made it for young Banjo many times, and he still asks for it at the age of 21. But it's just as much work as a Chicken or Turkey or Duck Tetrazzini, which is much more delicious.