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Originally Posted by Czarcasm
It was dangerous and stupid, and if you kill yourself trying to do another harebrained stunt like this again, I'll have your ass banned for life.
All kidding aside, I don't ever want to hear about you, or anyone else, trying something of this nature. People have died accidentally when professionals have been in charge.

I understand your need for a "don't try this at home disclaimer." I read quite carefully before I tried it. The 2 dangers are asphyxiation and cardiac arrest.

I was never in fear of the second as this would be very short, nor was I in fear of the first for the same reason. I was in control, my hands were free, my head was free, and I don't think you could do this to yourself to the point where you were in danger of passing out. It takes 3-4 minutes before you use up all your oxygen. This took like no time at all, but just to be sure my wife was there, so it really was neither dangerous nor stupid.

People die when this is done because it goes on so long that they asphyxiate, or they have a heart attack. I was in no danger of either.