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Originally Posted by Crotalus View Post
I have subscribed to this podcast and have listened to the first two episodes. I plan to keep listening. For the past six months to a year, I have noticed a diminishment in the quality of new episodes of This American life as well as what seemed like an unusual number of rebroadcasts. I'm glad to know now that the probable cause of all of that was the same small staff working on this new series.

I agree with RickG that it is just mindblowing that this guy is in jail based on the uncorroborated testimony of one dude. I don't care if he did it or not, that should not be enough to send someone away for more than fifteen years.

The show has been good so far, with all of the story-telling skill and production values that have made me enjoy TAL for years.
I am listening as well, and completely agree with your point about TAL.

I wonder though if future episodes will talk more about why he was convicted. I know she said that the other guy's testimony was the only evidence, but I wonder if the picture painted for the jury at the time was more compelling.

If you enjoy the podcast, you should visit the website. It has maps, photos, and evidence. It was interesting seeing the map where Hae was dumped. A crazy number of bodies have been dumped in the park where she was found.