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After all, this is the day his close friend and ex-girlfriend vanishes - surely an upsetting and memorable event, and one that - if he were innocent and had half a brain - would have immediately prompted him to start mentally accounting for all his actions since he last saw Hae. Instead we're supposed to believe that he just can't remember? That maybe he went to track practice, or maybe he was at the library, maybe he was with a friend? "Who knows - it was just a regular day!" At the very least that sounds suspicious to me - not the response of a wholly innocent person. But, I'll be curious to see how things continue to unfold...
Exactly. Ask me to remember a random Thursday from high school, and obviously I won't be able to. Ask me to remember the Thursday from high school when my girlfriend goes missing and turns out to be brutally murdered, and I'll have a timeline etched in my skull even these 20 years later.

There was a murder of a girl in my junior high school and to this day I can remember where I was that day despite barely knowing her. It was a major event in my childhood.

I feel like they glanced over this point in the podcast.