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I've been listening, find it entertaining and will continue listening but don't find it terribly INTERESTING because Adnan seems to be obviously guilty for alot of the reasons listed in this thread and there is really no mystery other than "How involved was Jay in the murder?".

Adnan sounds completely ambivalent about the whole thing in his phone interviews, which may be due to his decade in prison, I don't know. When the narrator mentioned she had found Anna or whoever the library girl was he kind of sat in silence, his muted reaction clearly surprising her, and he struggled to come up with words to redirect the conversation. This was a girl who could have been his alibi and he was like "Oh...umm...really?" He's very matter of fact about things. In fact, most of the people interviewed seem to be pretty giggly considering they are talking about a murdered classmate/acquaintance.

If anything Jay was a full fledged accomplice in the actual murder. There is really no mystery about Adnan. He can't actually accuse Jay of helping him because in the process he will have to admit he did it and knows what happened etc...

I think they made a poor choice for the first mystery story for this podcast. This would be a 20minute segment on Dateline NBC because it's such a run-of-the-mill scorned lover type case.

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