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Daughter got engaged a year ago, at a big surprise picnic that the fiancÚ threw her. College friends came from all over the country, brought games and booze. Went without a hitch. So of course they thought "Hey, this throw-it-together-at-the-last-minute party went great! A DIY wedding will be a breeze!"
DIY weddings are not a breeze.

The wedding was in a forest, an hour from anything. I was kidding that I'd be spending the week before the wedding making duct tape runs to the nearest store...44 miles away. Well, guess where I was an hour before the wedding, while everyone else was taking pictures? Navigating a big truck down steep winding mountain roads, coming back from an "OMG, it dropped into the 40's, we need a giant tent heater fan" run to the nearest big city, 2 hours away.

On the upside, all those college friends showed up two days early and pitched in, the parents worked late into the night, and we got all the DIY stuff done!

(Stupidly DIY, like "What? Let strangers cook our food? Naah, we can put together a BBQ Friday... and tell ALL the guests to come a day early!" and "Gee, wouldn't it be great to throw a big brunch for everyone the next morning? So we'll need people to party til 2, then get up at 6 to start cutting up melons and vegetables and making omelettes.")