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For what it's worth, I've been playing the game since Beta and I'm having a great time. I can understand why the bugs and such could be irritating, but they don't bother me too much. The part of Fallout games that I most enjoy is done very well, which is the little side stories told through holotapes, terminals and arrangement of scenery. The voice acting on some of the holotapes, in particular, is very good.

Basically I'm playing the game as if it were "What Remains of Edith Finch", with occasional breaks to shoot zombies in the head or pick up alarm clocks and boxes of indestructible Twinkies. At that level it works for me. I also like the camp building aspect. And my few interactions with other players in game have been very positive.

From discussions on other message boards my impression is confirmed that there are an awful lot of people whose goals in games like this are very different from my own, and who are very disappointed in the game. I get that. But I don't think that the foundation that Bethesda has built here is ever going to support the kind of game that those people might be looking for.