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Originally Posted by Ruken View Post
Then, 30 minutes in, the server crashes (a first for us.)
Roughly how many hours have you played? I feel like I get kicked at least once a play session (say, 3-4 hours). Often far more often. Last night I was exploring a nuke bunker--I didn't have a code, but figured I'd at least spend some time shooting robots. Made it to the final Sentry bot and got booted. Yay.

Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
or they’ll fix it and make it a good game later like No Man’s Sky.
I wish I were more confident. They've fixed almost nothing so far. It's just as unreliable with the latest patch, and the basic gameplay hasn't changed. The only improvement is an increase in the stash limit. That was actually a big improvement but it's not like it was some huge effort on their part.

The more I read what other users are doing, and the more I think about the overall design, the more I realize it's specifically designed to be a grindfest. That was the intent from the beginning, and so I'd still be massively disappointed in a "perfect" version of the game.

Even if they eventually give us private servers, we aren't going to get away from the endless repetition of events and nukes. A game where the big quests are done just once, with a permanent effect on the world, just isn't going to happen. Not least because it's too much effort on their part, but more importantly because it goes against the entire game philosophy.

The game was designed for people that like doing the same quest or dungeon run or whatever literally hundreds of times just to get some rare weapon drop. That's... the opposite of what I want in a game.

Fortunately, there's enough variety up to level 40-50 to make the exploration interesting, and so if they fix the worst bugs and online issues I can accept that I'll just have to forget the endgame mechanics. Disappointing, but at least I got some value out of it.