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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
I've been seeing reviews which claim that the PC version suffers from wonky controls due to a poor port.
The only one I'm aware of is the use of 'E' to both collect items and get you out of your power armor, which can be a pain when things are lagging badly. I've ejected from my power armor and promptly died several times in the nuclear zone due to this.

At this stage I'm mainly done with the game. I'm going to see what their January patch/update has, but assuming it's nothing more than what they have delivered so far I'm pretty much finished with the game. I did enjoy the game, though it was certainly rough for a supposed A list game by a major game company, but I've done basically everything and at this point I'm just doing the same things over and over again. I never did get one of those godlike legendary weapons. I never did find either the handmade gun plan or the X-01 calibrated mod that allows you to add 50lbs to your inventory carry capacity. It's ridiculous that you have to do RNG server hops to get either of those things, and I hope it's something they address in the future as it makes the game so much more grindy and stupid. I can see for legendary gear having to base it on luck, especially since some of that gear basically makes you a god in the game, but not for plans for stuff you should just be able to get...especially since neither thing really is that great compared to guns that hit for 1000's of damage.

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