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Usually there's not a very comprehensive impact study done; you get some politician or activist with an ax to grind against plastic bags- usually due to the littering aspect, since a lot of people are just trashy jerks who discard them and they blow around into trees, lakes, rivers, etc... and don't degrade like a paper bag would.

Or worse, you have people doing it on stuff "that everyone knows", like the idea that because plastic bags are plastic, that they're automatically and incontrovertibly worse for the environment than paper, because paper is renewable and biodegrades. They either don't bother to do the research, are skeptical of the truth/believe in "alternative" science, or are just ignorant.

I'm pretty sure the one-time Dallas bag ban (since repealed) was the first- a city councilman got a bee in his bonnet about it, and a bunch of activists harangued the city council until they enacted it... spectacularly badly.

Austin's bag ban is almost certainly rooted in the second set of reasons, since that place is a hotbed of virtue-signaling about environmentalism, etc... without actually being concerned about it, and not somewhere very well grounded in reason, science and clear-thinking.