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Nava wins it.

I use heavier plastic totes, again and again and again. I also have cotton totes and burlap totes that I use over and over. I can tote books with them, I can use them as an overnight travel bag. They hold heavy groceries and the jars of tomatoes and jam that I make to give as gifts. I have two insulated totes that I got at Trader Joes; they keep cold stuff cold and warm stuff warm. When I think about all the flimsy plastic bags I haven't used over the years because I switched, I know that my change has made a tiny contribution to a greener world. And that thought just made my day.

Are flimsy plastic bags better than heavier totes in the long run? I don't think so. I much prefer the reusable tote, with the exception of one thing: cat litter. I still use plastic bags to line my garbage bin because of cat litter. I've tried to come up with other ways to get rid of the stuff but I haven't found one that really works. Suggestions are welcome.