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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I have two heavy canvas bags that I bought from Trader Joe's in 2005. They're old enough that now the cashiers there comment on my "vintage" bags.

California's bag ban, however, seems to have so many exemptions that I wonder if it makes much of a difference. They're gone from grocery stores and big box stores, but if I get take-out from a restaurant it still usually comes in a plastic bag. When I go to the hardware store, including big warehouse style ones like Lowe's, they still provide disposable plastic bags. I imagine grocery and big box stores constitute the majority of most people's shopping, so it probably greatly reduced their use, but they're far from gone.
My hardware store, an independent, doesn't give out bags. I see the fast food case, since the bag is likely to get stained.
I suspect grocery stores generated most of the bags, and it is not as easy to remember bringing your own bags to the bookstore or Macy's, but I can deal with it.