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I am one of the people inconvenienced by the plastic bag ban.
I used to use them for everything. Taking my lunch to work,
lining the cat trash, collecting the mess after brewing soup to take to the garage, whatever.

I already had invested in reusable super-market bags before my town banned plastic, so I used to only take bags when my stash was running low.

Now I buy plastic bags for the cat trash, use the flimsy produce bags or purchased kitchen trash bags for the soup-remains, and I'm carefully hoarding my supply of better-quality plastic bags for carrying lunch and other "clean" stuff. And yes, people have started to comment on my "vintage" plastic bags.

Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
I work for a grocery store chain that's very popular in this part of the country.

A few years back, I visited the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. They have a permanent exhibit about Puget Sound. One of the displays they had was the stomach contents of a gray whale that had beached and died a few years prior. Gray whales don't chew their food - they just swallow whatever happens to find its way into their mouths, which includes a lot of our litter, and it jams up their digestive tracts to the point where they can't survive. There was all kinds of crap in there - blankets, aluminum cans, juice boxes, and other flotsam. But what really got me was that a lot of it, like a plurality of it, was plastic grocery bags.

And a lot of those bags had my store's logo on them.

That's why I support bag bans - because, as an employee and shareholder, I feel personally responsible for killing that whale, and any number of other creatures that have choked on the bags we've offered to people that have let them wind up in the sea.
Yeah, this is why I grudgingly am okay with bag bans. Honestly, I don't think the bags I got were part of the problem. They were carefully stored in my kitchen until re-use, and filled with heavy stuff before being put in the trash, and I'm sure they made it intact to the landfill, where they are pretty harmless.

(and bacteria are already learning to eat plastic. I suppose things in landfills don't rot, but plastic bags that make it to the soil will be gone in 50 years.)

Originally Posted by WOOKINPANUB View Post
I started using the reusable bags several years ago and I am now just getting to the very bottom of my "bag drawer". We're talking 15+ years of bags, which I use daily to empty the litter box. For those who have indoor cats and don't use plastic bags, what do you use? Paper? Need answer fast
Buy a box of cheap plastic bags the right size for your needs. If you fill them with litter waste, they won't blow loose and cause the environmental problems that bag bans address. It's not a major carbon problem, nor a "we will have these horrible things forever problem", so don't feel guilty about it. Just be careful to keep your bags from blowing into the trees or the ocean.