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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
Yeah, it's the "found in the guts of dead whales" problem bag bans are directed at, not "carbon footprint."

The most effective way -- by far -- to reduce carbon footprint is to end animal agriculture. That would be vastly more effective than carping about bag bans.
People havent stopped eating meat, how is it helping if you cut out meat animals? Mass disturbance in the force will follow for sure.
Lots of unemployment too.

Originally Posted by Hermitian View Post
Just heard an interesting interview on NPR. Their conclusion was that plastic bag bans were not great for the environment. Reasons:

2. In terms of carbon footprint, paper bags are four times worse than a single plastic bag.
how does that happen? Trees regrow but that oil that produces the plastic bags will disappear for a few million years...what about all the plastic bottles out there too??
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