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I have only the most superficial knowledge of Naomi Wolf but I've read some of her essays before and she's been a useful advocate of progressive causes while also being deliberately controversial and, apparently, with about the same disregard for careful factual vetting as someone like Michael Moore -- who manages to get a valid story out even if he mangles or obscures the details. Or in the words of Bill Maher's coffee mug, "But I'm Not Wrong!". Even if some of the details are.

What I get from the OP (the post) is that he (the poster) apparently hates Naomi Wolf, but regardless of his personal hate, she didn't lie -- she apparently made mistakes in the book. She's not a liar here so much as she is a sloppy journalist. So in the end, it turns out that it's the OP who's actually a liar in misrepresenting the whole situation. You want liars? I give you Fox News, Breitbart, Newsmax, and the inimitable John Lott on gun violence statistics, just for starters. Or how about Anthony Watts on climate change, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner on climate change -- oh, fuck it, just about any conservative asshole including the president of the USA and half of Congress on climate change. Deliberate, calculating liars -- not makers of mistakes, but LIARS -- each and every one. That's what a liar is, OP. Fuck you, you ignorant douchebag.