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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
You just admitted he's an anti-religious and Islamophobic bigot. But then, for some reason, you're still defending him.

You even try the right wing canard about "political correctness," as if liberals only pretend to be against religious bigotry for appearance sake. No, we genuinely believe it is wrong. If someone is okay with it, they are not a typical liberal by any means.
You appear to be missing quite a few points here.

Maher is anti-religion because he believes -- correctly -- that religious beliefs have been and continue to be the cause of a great deal of evil, unfairness, and irrationality in the world today. He is particularly hard on Muslim beliefs -- not the people, but what the religion incites them to do -- because among the prevalent organized religions today, Islam is one of the most harshly prescriptive.

To cite a simple example, in the US, the likes of devout Catholicism and evangelical Christianity have been and continue to be major drivers of homophobia and anti-abortion ideologies which end up influencing legislation in what is supposed to be secular government. Whereas in countries where Islam dominates, you get the same sort of thing only much worse, including all-out Sharia law, and of course at its worst, the belief that terrorism against western nations is OK because their values are so opposite to what Islam teaches, so they must be evil.

So in the US you had religious nutters not only enacting homophobic laws, but actually doubling down and passing homophobic state constitutional amendments. Even after the Supreme Court ruling, you still have religious nutters refusing to certify gay marriages even though it's their job to do so, and the cake-bakers refusing to provide cakes to gays on religious grounds, or the Hobby Lobby religious bigots flouting health care laws on religious grounds. Meanwhile, as always, Islam manages to outdo Christianity by miles on many of these things, helped along by stone-age thinking; the Sultan of Brunei recently decreed that the appropriate treatment of gays is to stone them to death in the town square, and passed laws accordingly, because Islam says so.

So when it comes to his criticism of organized religions, Maher basically has it right. Beyond that, I don't have to agree with Maher on everything to consider him to be intelligent, funny, and informative, which is another point I made. He's a bit over the top in his suspicions about vaccines, for example, though he's never been nearly as radical on that subject as some media have unfairly made him out to be. And the "germ theory denial" thing seems to be mostly made up.
Originally Posted by BigT View Post
And using mental illness as an attack is a horrible thing. But that's what he calls people who are religious. They have a mental disorder. Does he try to cure that disorder? No, it's just to mock them.
He's compared organized religion to a mental disorder that keeps people from thinking rationally. The language may be colorful but is fundamentally correct -- see above.
Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Even if this were his only problem, that would be enough for him to be an illiberal bigot. But, as you can see on his RationalWiki page, he has a lot of other problems.
It was hard to get past the first sentence, which claims that Maher is "an outspoken, unapologetic and imperviously self-satisfied comedian and political commentator". But at least that's better than the original intro which called him "an asshole comedian". That entire article is just a shameless hit piece. If that's where you get your information it explains a lot. If you want a more or less balanced view go to the Wikipedia page on Maher, not the hateful bullshit on RationalWiki.