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Classic Telephone Pole Bit?

I was watching my Season 1 Muppet Show dvd, episode 8. Scooter convinces Fozzie to do "the classic telephone pole bit." Eventually, they go on stage, with fozzie dressed as a telephone pole.

Originally Posted by The Muppet show

SCOOTER (wearing Fozzie's hat): Hello, and what's your name?

FOZZIE (in pay phone costume): Mike Oznowiski.

SCOOTER: Oh, so YOU'RE the telephone pole!

[Mike Oznowicsky is a reference to Frank Oz' puppeteer father, Mike Oznowicz.]
I have to say, I don't get it. What's the gag? is it some kind of pun? I hope someone here can explain what the joke is. Also, is the bit actually some kind of vaudeville classic, or was that part just puffery?

the transcript can be found here