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Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
They have been doing this for years, I lost track of how many times. They do it when someone is indicted, convicted, or even just loses an election.

Once is a mistake, twice might be if the bias doesn't show. But AFAIK they've never mistakenly ID'd a Democrat in a favorable light, or a Republican in an unfavorable light.
I actually have a theory that it is a actually a semi-honest mistake, but still an indication of bias. Basically it goes like this. The person who puts up the headlines doesn't know what party the person being indicted belongs to, but is under a lot of time pressure and doesn't have time to look it up. The one piece of information they have is they know he is being portrayed in a negative light in a story presented on Fox. So the reach the reasonable conclusion that they likely to be a Democrat, since only once in a blue moon will Fox put a Republican in a poor light.

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