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Originally Posted by amanset View Post
It is all relative to your own personal views.

I find all of American news to be hideously right wing, but that's because I am a typical Swedish-living left winger.
I'm an Australian, and I find American politics as a whole hideously right wing.

Sometimes I feel ashamed that Rupert Murdoch was spawned in my country.
But I always remind myself that a country shouldn't be judged by its worst creations.

eg I don't blame the British for the Daleks. And I don't blame the Americans for Jar-Jar Binks. By the same token, we Australians shouldn't be blamed for Rupert Murdoch.

And don't give me that rubbish about how Murdoch isn't a fictional character, because I've seen Fox News and it is clearly fiction. I particularly like their satirical pieces where they claim things like "climate change isn't real", "universal healthcare is a bad thing" or "Iraq has WMDs".

LOL at those zany Americans. You guys have a really great sense of humour.