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Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
"Sirius" is also the name of the Dog Star. Then of course there's Remus Lupin. (Remus as in Romulus &, and Lupin as in lupine.) That is one thing that really annoyed me about those books. All her names were way too obvious & cutesy like that. Plus Lupin wasn't born a werewolf, was he? He was attacked by one. Pretty lucky he already had that name then.
I still think she spent too much time listening to the Musical of "The Secret Garden" in her past which is why she came up with the whole Lily's eyes thing. Every time I read a reference to Harry having Lily's green eyes the song "Lily's Eyes" would earworm it's way into my head. (Lily's eyes were apparently hazel in the musical.)

Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
I've owned Subarus for years...and only recently found out that "Subaru" is Japanese for Pleiades, hence the logo.
I've owned a Subaru for almost 4 years now and never caught that reference. Thanks.

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Also in the Terminator movies, the man who is destined to save mankind from doom (whose father is a mystery to everyone) is John Conner, whose initials would be J.C. - kind of like another well-known savior with an ambiguous paternity...
This seems to be a fairly common trope. In the Deus Ex games, J.C. Denton is the intended savior of mankind.

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That's what I always thought. So if it's them on the horses, what does their discussion at the beginning mean then?
The way I understand it is that these two are on a mission to upset the status quo and the castle is meant to be their first target.