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I tend to miss basic plot elements until the tenth reading or so, never mind hidden meanings and such.

F'r instance, Terry Pratchett's Small Gods. I'm reading it for aproximately the one billionth time, and it occurs to me that deserts are a reoccuring theme here. There's the deserts that prophets are associated with, the deserts around the citadel, the desert in the afterlife, the desert that Vorbis sneaks his troops across, the desert that Brutha crosses with Om and Vorbis... No, this hadn't occured to me before.

Thinking some more on Pratchett's oeuvre, I realized that Thief Of Time was a meditation on the meaning of humanity, along with its cons and pros. You know, because just about every character short of Jason struggles with that very issue over the course of the book?

And The Last Continent, in addition to being about Asutralia, is about sex. Not just the bit with the God of Evolution- the whole UU wizards subplot is about Mrs. Whitlow, and the effect she has on them.

Some day I will discover some other stunningly obvious theme while rereading my Discworld collection, and I will be sure give myself a .