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Originally Posted by dhkendall View Post
Your bf is Kneadtoknow? Cool, I didn't know that you were dating a Doper, much less him! (He's another Doper I've thought was uber-cool, as well as you.) And, knowing the story behind his username, you must have a permanent smile on your face! (My wife loves backrubs too, althoguh they don't always have to lead somewhere, and I dont' consider myself proficient at it at all, but she enjoys them.)
Yup, he introduced me to SDMB in the first place. We used to be very open about dating, but we had one too many "get a room" comments, so now we just lay low.

Actually, you have it reversed. HE is the one that you "knead" if you want to "know" him.

Fortunately for him, I LOVE to give backrubs so it's been a quite good match. Massaging lets me work out my excess energy, and allows him to relax. It's a rare night together that doesn't involve a serious back rub session.