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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Following the lead of long-established civil libertarians such as the American Civil Liberties Union, who have been doing the scut work of documenting such injustices and bringing lawsuits about them starting over a half-century before anybody even thought of the Cato Institute.
Sure. I'm a huge fan of the ACLU, and they have a section on their own website devoted to their fight against abuses of civil asset forfeiture. They've been heavily involved in lawsuits over the issue in Texas.

My point, in focusing on libertarians, was that even people we disagree with might, on some issues, be people who are on the right side, and who are worth supporting. If i lived in Kentucky, there's no way i'd vote for Rand Paul, but while he's in the Senate i hope he manages to get his law reforming asset forfeiture passed. And the Cato Institute produces a lot of well-researched studies that provide good information even for people who don't consider themselves libertarians.