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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
Everyone who has seen Jay in person has said he is credible. The jury, the judge, the cops, the DA, and even Sarah and Julie. They all believed him. SK and Julie both knew the whole story when they interviewed him, and they still believed him when he said Adnan killed Hae. Why do you think they were all fooled?

Jay is an admitted liar, so the jury by definition disbelieved at least part of his testimony given to the police. Ditto for the cops, who massaged Jay's story accordingly. And I have no idea why you say Sarah Koenig and her associate believe Jay. Sarah said the spine of Jay's story was unchanged while she reported that the details varied a lot. That's not exactly a claim of belief.
Originally Posted by bbonden View Post
Everything is subject to new evidence, etc., but these are pretty much givens:

- Hae disappeared on January 13, 1999, in the afternoon, and was almost certainly killed and buried then.

- Jay was involved.

- Jay was in the same place as Adnan's brand-new cell phone all day.
Clarification: Hae was buried at night, based on Jay's most recent interview. I don't know when she was killed.

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