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Just to put some of this out there now. Here is an as short as possible list of why I think Adnan is guilty:

1. To believe Adnan is completely innocent, you have to believe he spent the better part of a day with a murderer or accomplice to murder without recognizing anything being weird. Additionally, Jay, who was almost certainly involved, killed Hae for no known logical reason, then began to frame Adnan soon after the murder without actually planting evidence, coming up with a consistent story, or knowing whether Adnan had an alibi. Jay, a Black guy who occasionally sells drugs, also thinks that cops will buy his story without almost any evidence (as far as he knows) of it being true. Additionally, Jay just a happens to get lucky that his story about Adnan asking for a ride was verified by unrelated, unbiased people (eg. Krista, Aisha), and also have a friend in Jenn who will knowingly lie to the police and her lawyer on his behalf.

2. You have to excuse every known lie or likely lie Adnan has told about this case. You have to reconcile the fact that he says he'd never ask Hae for a ride because he knows she will say no due to having to pick up her cousin with the fact that several people testified to him asking that day and receiving rides on multiple other, different occasions. Additionally, you need to square the initial claim with him also claiming he wasn't worried about Hae even though he knows she would never ditch her cousin.

You are need to reconcile the fact that he says he was over the breakup, yet we have a letter from Hae outlining how he wasn't over the breakup, and how he was possessive and controlling (also in the diary). Additionally, we have Hae's French teacher Hope Schab testifying to how Hae hid from Adnan on multiple occasions, and asked her not to tell him where she was at school because they were fighting, and Adnan basically stalking her. See trial transcripts for details (trial 1: page 9, trial 2: page 142).

You need to reconcile the facts that Adnan says he never thought he was a suspect with the facts that he was interviewed twice, that he told his teacher to stop asking questions about him regarding Hae's disappearance, and that Inez told him he was likely being watched. Additionally, Debbie revealed (trial 2: pg 315) that homicide detectives gave her a list of questions to ask around about Hae's disappearance, including about Adnan. She made a note and put them in her journal. Adnan borrowed the journal and they went missing. Stange coincidence huh?

You need to reconcile the fact that he told SK that he never really had a conversation with Jay and that they were barely acquaintances, with the fact that Will, a track buddy, says Jay picking up Adnan was a regular occurrence. Additionally, it also doesn't jibe with the story Adnan told his lawyer about Jay telling Adnan, his casual acquaintance and best friend of his GF, that he was cheating on her, and that Adnan had to convince Stephanie to stay for an assembly in order for Jay to avoid getting caught. Nice favor to do for a acquaintance huh?

You need to reconcile the fact that Adnan initially admits to asking Hae for a ride at one of the last known times she was alive, then he lied about it. Surprisingly, he doesn't have any suvivor's guilt or curiosity about why she left him hanging. Also note that the only plausible pretense he'd have for asking (eg. Jay had his car), is moot because he was seen asking BEFORE he saw Stephanie and learned about her desire to have Jay get her a present.

You need to reconcile Adnan saying it was an ordinary day with the fact that his ex-GF supposedly ditched him when he asked for a ride then was never heard from again, that he received at least 3 calls about her disappearance, that it was his best friend's birthday, and that he loaned his car to his casual friend.

You need to consider the fact that one of Adnan's first calls with his new cell was to his causal acquaintance Jay, who he is supposedly not friends with. Additionally, you need to consider the fact that Adnan claims he drove to Jay's house during a free period just to ask if Jay had bought Stephanie a gift, rather than just discussing it on the phone when he called him minutes prior.

You need to consider the fact that nurse felt Adnan was faking catatonia, and that Adnan told two radically different stories about his last interaction with Hae to different people. One story was that Hae was begging him to get back together the day before she disappeared.

Also consider the Nisha call, which some undermine because Jay was not working at the video store at the time. It's very telling that Cathy testifies that Jay and Adnan said they just came from the video store when they arrived at her house. So it seems the impossibility of Jay working there could possibly have been a calculated lie to bolster their alibi.

That's not even considering the note saying, "I'm gonna kill" written on the back of a letter joking about Hae's pregnancy scare, the anonymous call telling them to talk to Yaser, him and his friend Yaser discussing how they would bury a hypothetical GF's body, the cell data saying he was in near Leakin Park when he says he was at the mosque, calling her 3 times the night before just to give her his phone number then never calling her again, his fingerprints being on the flowers and the map in Hae's car, Adnan seemingly being okay with Jay makes nearly a dozen expensive calls on his new phone, the testimony of Neighbor Boy, calling Jay pathetic in court, etc. etc.

Perhaps even more telling is despite 15 years, multiple PIs and lawyers working this case, and lots of resources, Adnan STILL doesn't have an alibi or reasonable alternative explanation beyond Jay and/or some serial killer committing the crime.