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Originally Posted by AI Proofreader View Post
Actually, given everything above, the solution is pretty simple.. send your one Von Neumann probe to the asteroid to make copies of itself out of the raw material.. two birds, one stone.
Brilliant! The self-replicating nanobots munch on the asteroid, self-replicating with furious abandon and humping like rabbits in heat, until there's nothing left of it. Then they all jet off to colonize distant parts of the galaxy, leaving nothing behind but empty space and a bit of nanobot poop.

This is such a simple and efficient means of dealing with an earth-bound asteroid that I'm sure that SamuelA has already thought of it. In fact it sounds exactly like one of his schemes. That's why SamuelA's head is shaped like a mutant rutabaga -- that great bulge at the back holds all the extra brain matter that lets him come up with this stuff, incorporating the physics of momentum conservation that is unknown to ordinary rocket scientists. They are only PhDs from places like MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics, whereas SamuelA actually went to high school (maybe), so he is a man to be reckoned with: according to his own estimation he knows what he is talking about.