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Originally Posted by Railer13 View Post
You seem to be completely hung up on a trivial 'You said it. No I did not' argument. Meanwhile, you've been asked a couple of times to provide solid evidence to back up your claim regarding the caravan being funded by George Soros. Perhaps you can do that rather than pursue this pointless debate?
Here is the claim I made regarding Soros, from Post #5067:

There's been no evidence of that. But there is evidence that the caravan is being helped by 1) the Mexican government, 2) an organization called Pueblos sin Fronteras The people you see wearing vests organizing things, and 3) Beto O'Rourke's failed campaign.

Given that the last two receive(d) money from Soros, I think it's safe to say that he is funding the caravan efforts other ways, as well.
That's a very gentle claim, and one I still stand by. I do think it is "safe to say" that money from Soros has helped fund the caravan. Did I claim he wrote a check to distantly for the purposes of helping the caravan? No. Do I believe ehe did that? No. I do think that his goals about immigration and the objective of the caravan are completely in alignment. And given that he funds the causes he believes in, that it would be odd if his dollars were not going to help the caravan. Here's some info that helps support that. To save you the time, I'm not claiming it is "proof" of anything and you are, of course, free to ignore it in part or totality. But if I had to bet if funding from Soros made it's way to help the caravan, I'd take that bet. Would you take the bet not he other side? If so, why do you think it more likely than not that his dollars would not have gone to help those in the caravan?

As a side note, I do not blame Soros for funding anything he might believe in. If I have a problem with his funding here (assuming he did) it is only to the extent that he he is trying to subvert the sovereignty of the U.S. by assisting a swarm of individuals that anything sentient being knows will, and does, contain gang members and those not eligible for asylum.

That's all I really have to say about Soros, but I'd be curious to hear your answer to me question.