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Originally Posted by Just_Nova View Post
Maybe I'm considered young (almost 40), but I remembered having this conversation with my nephew;
me; "when I was in school, having a Sony Walkman is very cool.."
nephew ; "what's Sony Walkman.. ??"
Reminds me of a conversation at work about a year and a half ago. Some Dope conversation had caused me to look up Wernher von Braun's Wikipedia page, which mentioned that he was buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria. Which is where my father is buried.

So I'm talking with my co-workers (one was 22 then, the other late 30s) and I tell them I've just found out that Wernher von Braun is buried in the same cemetery my father is buried in. "Who's Wernher von Braun?" I give a brief synopsis, and mention that von Braun was the subject of a song by Tom Lehrer. "Who's Tom Lehrer?"

I'm 64, closing in on 65. It's just a number, but I'm going to miss being able to sing, "will you still need me, will you still feed me?" when I'm asked my age.